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"40 yrs of Service…" Celebrate with us!!!

DANTES is celebrating 40 years of service to the military education community.

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TA Alternatives: Ways to Pay for College

Learn more about your college funding options.

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DANTES Pulse is Moving

Our DANTES Pulse blog is moving to a new DoD address. Stay tuned...

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Find Your Military Education Center

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DANTES New Website Launch

Look out for our new website launch with expanded features coming soon.



Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New DANTES website witnesses BUMP in popularity!?

As PT Barnum may of said--"There is No Such Thing as Bad Publicity!" Whether a fan of the new DANTES website or not, its growth in popularty is undeniable.

Friday, March 7, 2014

March DIB now online

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The DANTES March DIB is now available at: www.dantes.doded.mil/_content/dib/2014/DIB_Mar_2014.pdf

The front page story is all about our newly redesigned Web site. The whole look and navigation scheme has changed, so if you can't find something, check out the site map at the bottom of each page. Check it out at: http://www.dantes.doded.mil/index.html

You'll also find great information inside the DIB on Exams, Reference Publications, Troops to Teachers, and other DANTES Programs; information to help you meet your educational goals!

Archived DIBs, along with videos and publications, are now found at the new Multimedia page: www.dantes.doded.mil/multimedia/index.html


DANTES Web site gets a new look

Blog - March 2014 DANTES is proud to announce the launch of our NEW Web site. The DANTES Web experience has been completely transformed for improved functionality and navigation, to engage through images and interactive multimedia, and provide a quality “one stop” education-centric portal for our Service communities, partners, and stakeholders.
From the inspirational, informative videos that convey our mission, to the DANTES Digital Network news center that provides the latest information regarding benefits and programs, visitors will continue to find the quality and value that “Define Your Future.”
The DANTES site has grouped information, resources, forms and links specific to the intended audience: Service members, educational institutions and education counselors. Navigating the DANTES Web site couldn’t be easier. With menus at the top of each page you don’t have to go far to find what information is contained within — just hover over each menu item to get a deeper look.
Within the Service members area, DANTES provides tailored Subject areas which incorporate key Interest Point (IP) links:
  • Prep for College
  • Education Benefits
  • Contact a Counselor
Additionally, DANTES hopes to improve the quality of education and the overall education experience by promoting collaborations, information exchanges and direct partnerships with education providers via IP links:
  • Support Higher Education
  • College Credit Alternatives
  • Strategic Partners
  • DoD MOU
  • Counselor’s Toolbox
Finally, the DANTES web will improve delivery of program support to Service Education Counselors—providing tailored IP links and tools to best assist our Service members in achieving their education goals:
  • Counselor’s Toolbox
  • Counselor Support Programs
  • DoD MOU
  • Training
The DANTES Digital Network provides dynamic updates on programs and issues relevant to our community.
  • Videos
  • DANTES Pulse
  • Press Releases
  • Hot News
  • DIBs
  • Publications
  • Facebook/Twitter feeds
As with all things new, there will be some growing pains, so please be patient. If you are looking for something specific, click on the magnifying glass icon at the top of each page or view the Site Map at the bottom of each page. If you still can’t find what you want, contact information is located at www.dantes.doded.mil/contact/index.html.
We will continue to grow and improve the Web site, so check back often and keep updated with the DIB, Hot News, or here at the blog.
Oh - very important - here’s the new URL: www.dantes.doded.mil/index.html
Update your favorites and enjoy the new site.
Nancy Hamilton, DANTES Editor

Monday, February 10, 2014

Define Your Future: Navy Veteran Education Success Story

 Navy veteran Dennis Bye named Associate Principal at 
Gloversville High School

Retired Navy Master Chief and Troops to Teachers (TTT) participant and mentor, Dennis Bye never envisioned a future in education. After tours onboard the USS Independence and with Patrol Wing FIVE, Bye pursued his bachelor’s degree in business studies, thinking that it would be useful when he eventually retired, which he did in 2002 after 27 years of Service. Though Bye enjoyed his position with the Military Entrance Processing Station, the call to serve as an educator became too strong to ignore. After offering his resignation, Bye secured a position as a teaching assistant at his local school district while taking education courses at night. He then embarked on an eight year journey toward his goal of becoming a school administrator, eventually obtaining a master’s degree in educational administration and his New York state certification. After successful appointments at various schools in New York’s Capital Region, he was hired as Gloversville High School’s new Associate Principal in July 2013. Bye credits his motivation with the indelible impact a school administrator made on him when he was struggling with disciplinary issues in high school. “I had it in my head that I wanted to be like the Assistant Principal that saved me from being expelled,” Bye said. In his new role at Gloversville, Bye will be charged with improving the high school’s dropout rate—one of the highest in the Albany area. With an impressive track record, including reducing the suspension rate at Troy School 2, Gloversville’s administration has commended Bye’s approach to discipline. “He has the management skills and attention to detail to help the high school—and entire district—achieve its goals,” stated Superintendent Michael Vanyo. Bye has also been praised for his ability to empathize with at-risk students and the environmental factors presenting a barrier to their education. These accolades come as no surprise to the TTT organization. Like his fellow TTT participants, Bye possesses the discipline, experience with diversity, and leadership skills that differentiate him from civilian educators. With 17,000 participants who have successfully transitioned to teaching through the program, TTT continues to make a positive impact on classrooms around the country. Bye advises, “Nobody else decides your future but you; decide on your goal, and go get it.” Drawing from a career marked by perseverance, Bye notes that this advice is just as valuable to veterans who are just beginning their transition to teaching.

This article was written by Elizabeth Murray, Troops to Teachers North Atlantic Region